Today is day two of the World Pool Masters which is 9-ball’s biggest invitational tournament in Tercentenary Hall in the Victoria Stadium .

Over the next few days The World Pool Masters which started out with 24 of the best players from around the World we see them battle it out for their share of the outstanding $100,000 prize fund.

Todays match is the race-to-seven . All matches are a winner breaks format with a 30 second shot clock in operation.

The second set of eight players competed in Round 1 today followed by the start of Round 2 games and here is the results from tonight’s matches .

Round 1

Niels Feijen                               7  versus 3      Jeffrey De Luna

Denis  Grabe                             7 versus  6       Roberto Gomez

Mieszko Fortuński                    7 versus 2        Kristina Tkach

Shane Van Boening                   7   versus    4        Jakub Koniar

Round 2

Joshua Filler                                7   versus 5    Chris Melling

David Alcaide Bermudez             3  versus    7   Skyler Woodward

Naoyuki Oi                                   5    versus    7    Eklent KaÇi

It commences again tomorrow at 12 noon where we see the next set of players competing in not only Round 2 but the start of the Quarter finals ,

Justin Sajich          versus Alex Kazakis

Niels Feijen             versus Jayson Shaw

Fedor Gorst             versus Shane Van Boening                      

Mieszko Fortuński  versus Max Lechner

Denis  Grabe            versus Albin Ouschan