Today is DAY ONE of The WST Pro Series round TWO at Milton Keynes .

During the second phase we will see the final 32 players split into four groups of eight, and the top two in each group will then progress

All matches are best-of-three frames, and the top two in each group will progress to the third group stage.

Lyu Haotian is at the top of the centuries board on the first day of round 2 with his 137score .

The player who finishes top of the final group of eight players on the 21st March 2021 will be crowned the champion of the inaugural edition of the event.

It all commences tomorrow at 10am.

Here is the update on todays matches.

Ben Hancorn1v2Sunny Akani
Martin O’Donnell2v0James Cahill
Mark Williams2v1Lyu Haotian
Ali Carter2v0Louis Heathcote
Ben Hancorn2v0James Cahill
Martin O’Donnell2v0Lyu Haotian
Mark Williams2v1Louis Heathcote
Ali Carter2v1Sunny Akani
Ben Hancorn0v2Lyu Haotian
Martin O’Donnell2v1Louis Heathcote
Mark Williams2v0Ali Carter
James Cahill2v1Sunny Akani
Ben Hancorn1v2Louis Heathcote
Martin O’Donnell0v2Ali Carter
Mark Williams1v2Sunny Akani
Lyu Haotian0v2James Cahill
Ben Hancorn0v2Ali Carter
Martin O’Donnell2v1Mark Williams
Louis Heathcote2v1James Cahill
Lyu Haotian1v2Sunny Akani
Ben Hancorn0v2Mark Williams
Martin O’Donnell1v2Sunny Akani
Ali Carter2v0James Cahill
Louis Heathcote1v2Lyu Haotian
Ben Hancorn0v2Martin O’Donnell
Mark Williams2v0James Cahill
Ali Carter2v1Lyu Haotian
Louis Heathcote0v2Sunny Akani