Today is day four of The WST Pro Series groups 9-16 round one at Milton Keynes .

The players have been split into 16 groups of eight for the initial round-robin phase .

All matches are best-of-three frames, and the top two in each group will progress to the second group stage.

Over the next few days we will see players such as Mark Selby . Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, Mark Allen and  Mark Williams in action.

It is great to see Jimmy Robertson at the top of the centuries board after 4 days of play with his 143 score .

It all commences tomorrow at 10am

Here is the update on todays matches.

Barry Hawkins2v0Paul S Davison
Ricky Walden2v1Farakh Ajaib
Jimmy Robertson2v0Duane Jones
Alexander Ursenbacher2v1Gerard Greene
Barry Hawkins2v0Farakh Ajaib
Ricky Walden2v1Duane Jones
Jimmy Robertson0v2Gerard Greene
Alexander Ursenbacher2v0Paul S Davison
Barry Hawkins2v0Duane Jones
Ricky Walden2v0Gerard Greene
Jimmy Robertson2v0Alexander Ursenbacher
Farakh Ajaib2v1Paul S Davison
Barry Hawkins2v1Gerard Greene
Ricky Walden2v1Alexander Ursenbacher
Jimmy Robertson1v2Paul S Davison
Duane Jones1v2Farakh Ajaib
Barry Hawkins2v1Alexander Ursenbacher
Ricky Walden2v1Jimmy Robertson
Gerard Greene2v1Farakh Ajaib
Duane Jones2v0Paul S Davison
Barry Hawkins0v2Jimmy Robertson
Ricky Walden2v0Paul S Davison
Alexander Ursenbacher2v0Farakh Ajaib
Gerard Greene2v1Duane Jones
Barry Hawkins2v1Ricky Walden
Jimmy Robertson2v0Farakh Ajaib
Alexander Ursenbacher0v2Duane Jones
Gerard Greene1v2Paul S Davison