Today is day two  of The WST Pro Series groups 9-16 round one at Milton Keynes .

The players have been split into 16 groups of eight for the initial round-robin phase .

All matches are best-of-three frames, and the top two in each group will progress to the second group stage.

The finals are on the 21st March 2021.

It all commences tomorrow at 10am

Here is the update on todays matches.

Hamim Hussain0v2Kuldesh Johal
Ali Carter2v0Dylan Emery
Mark Davis2v0Simon Lichtenberg
Tian Pengfei1v2Chang Bingyu
Hamim Hussain1v2Dylan Emery
Ali Carter2v0Simon Lichtenberg
Mark Davis2v0Chang Bingyu
Tian Pengfei2v1Kuldesh Johal
Hamim Hussain0v2Simon Lichtenberg
Ali Carter2v0Chang Bingyu
Mark Davis0v2Tian Pengfei
Dylan Emery2v1Kuldesh Johal
Hamim Hussain1v2Chang Bingyu
Ali Carter2v0Tian Pengfei
Mark Davis0v2Kuldesh Johal
Simon Lichtenberg2v1Dylan Emery
Hamim Hussain0v2Tian Pengfei
Ali Carter0v2Mark Davis
Chang Bingyu2v1Dylan Emery
Simon Lichtenberg2v0Kuldesh Johal
Hamim Hussain0v2Mark Davis
Ali Carter2v0Kuldesh Johal
Tian Pengfei1v2Dylan Emery
Chang Bingyu1v2Simon Lichtenberg
Hamim Hussain1v2Ali Carter
Mark Davis2v0Dylan Emery
Tian Pengfei0v2Simon Lichtenberg
Chang Bingyu2v0Kuldesh Johal