Now the World Championships are over and great news about Snooker & Pool clubs finally being able to open in the coming weeks after what can only be described as the most devastating World Wide pandemic which has touched peoples lives on a global scale.

We were fortunate enough to watch players competing and being able to show their professionalism and skill at tournaments which has given the sport a new sense pride of what can still be achieved even with restrictions being applied.

Snooker & Pool venues have played a critical role in supporting the sport and are at the corner stone of driving the sport and now need visitors back playing the sport and helping to inspire sportsmen and women to take up the sport and potentially looking at getting onto the professional circuit .

Here at Howeveryouliketobreak.com feature all clubs and if you are not listed please email us and we will get you added , the listing is free so no costs . All we need is your club details including postcode and we will feature you.


email us at howeveryouliketobreak@gmail.com

Wishing you all the best from the team at Howeveryouliketobreak.com