The Great Brazilian Pele sharing has his own thoughts on Snooker

With Football currently on everyone lips it is wonderful to see The Great Brazilian Footballer Pele sharing has his own thoughts on Snooker

Football legend Pelé believes that snooker should be included in the Olympic Games and that Brazil would win gold medals.

Snooker has vast popularity throughout Brazil, albeit played on a smaller table. The country’s top player Igor Figueiredo plays on the World pro tour and is ranked 75th in the world .  We see Figueiredo (nicked name The Boy From Brazil) looking to continue his outstanding Skill & Performance at the Start of the New World Snooker Season commencing on the 18th July  2021.

Pelé, who won football’s World Cup three times with his country, wrote on Instagram: “Who agrees that snooker should be in the Olympic Games? I’m sure we have great players all over Brazil. We’ll win gold medals when that happens.”

Snooker is watched by 500 million people worldwide and is played in over 100 countries. Cue Sports made bids to be part of the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games but is yet to be included.