Today we have seen the reigning World Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan competing against Mark Joyce plus a further 10 players looking to compete today to enable them to have an opportunity to reach the next round .Players will be competing in the best of 19 frames .

With a cheque for £500,000 for the Tournament winner we know this is going to prove to be a very competitive and fierce matches,

We saw O’Sullivan 6-3 ahead of Joyce going into this evenings match , it took him less than 1 hour 45 mins to ensure his place into Round 2,

Here is the outcome from todays matches and we see at the top of the centuries leader board Ronnie O’Sullivan with his 137 score against Mark Joyce .

              10:00    Ronnie O’Sullivan  6 V 3   Mark Joyce        

              10:00    Yan Bingtao      4  V  4   Martin Gould    

              14:30    Stephen Maguire 4 V  5    Jamie Jones      

              14:30    Neil Robertson      6 V  3  Liang Wenbo    

              19:00    Ronnie O’Sullivan 10 V  4     Mark Joyce        

              19:00    David Gilbert       7  V  2   Chris Wakelin

Tomorrow we see the continuation of play which starts at 10am

              10:00     Anthony McGill      Versus           Ricky Walden   

              10:00    Yan Bingtao    (4)    Versus   (4)     Martin Gould   

              14:30    John Higgins           Versus           Tian Pengfei      

              14:30    David Gilbert    (7)  Versus (2)    Chris Wakelin   

              19:00    Stephen Maguire (5)  Versus  (4)   Jamie Jones     

              19:00    Neil Robertson    (6) Versus  (3)     Liang Wenbo