Selby Ponders what could have been

Mark Selby has been reflecting on a season for him which has lacked consistency but has shown the odd sparkle and he is only having a short break before getting back on the baize to hit the ground running for the start of the new season.

Mark Selby spoke to reporter Curtis Braithwaite and said ” Last season was a strange one for me! I played very well to win the China Championship at the start of the season but couldn’t find top gear after that. I also feel that some player’s put in excellent performances against me such as Craig Steadman in the China open who scored as well as a top 8 player in that match and also Gary Wilson here at the Crucible, But i have to get back on the table and put the graft in to put things right for next season”.

Selby has slipped down to number 6 in the rankings and with alot of points to defend this season he will have to hit the ground running to preserve his top 8 ranking.