We see the final group of players looking to secure the last remaining prestigious 6 places on the World Snooker Tour at the 2021 Q School tournament which runs until this Sunday June 13th at The Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield .

We have seen the first two sets of  fur semi-finalists in each event who have already secured a two-year tour card for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons. Plus the next two highest players on the Order of Merit will also earn a card. All matches will be best of seven frames.

Players will be looking to bring everything they have over the next 6 days to join Alfie Burden , Michael Judge, Craig Steadman , Barry Pinches Peter Lines , Fraser Patrick , Jackson Page & Yuan Sijun for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons.  

Here is a breakdown on todays matches

Sean O’Sullivan4v0Samuel Lee-Stevens
Garry Coulson0v4Tony Knowles
Robert Read4v2Matthew Glasby
Mark Lloyd4v2Ivan Kakovskii
Luke Simmonds4v0Josh Mulholland
Callum Beresford4v0Scott Bell
Arun Mehta4v3Jamie Tudor
Gary Challis4v0Dylan Smith
Aaron Busuttil0v4Liam Davies
Yu Kiu Chang4v3Harvey Chandler
Thomas McSorley2v4Ryan Thomerson
Rodion Judin4v1Liam Pullen
Raymond Fry4v0Aaron Graham
Aidan Murphy2v4Halim Hussain
Danny Brindle4v3Matthew Lee
Connor Benzey1v4Ross Muir
Hamim Hussain1v4Niel Vincent
Liam Graham4v3Lewis Ullah
Evan Munro4v1Mark Bell
Jed Mann4v0John Pritchett
Imran Purivw/oFilips Kalnins
Andrew Tapper4v0Stephen Baillie
Stan Moody2v4George Pragnell
Hans Blanckaert3v4Jack Bradford
Michael Judgevw/oCarl Mottershaw
Sergey Isaenko2v4Labeeb Ahmed
Daniel Walker1v4Patrick Whelan
Anton Kazakov3v4Manasawin Phetmalaikul
Shaf Hussain3v4Sean McAllister
Denys Khmelevskyi2v4Dylan Mitchell
Amir Sarkhosh4v2Lee Shanker
Adrian Rosa3v4Dave Finbow
Westley Cooper1v4Jamie Brown
Adam Goff4v2Ronnie Blake
Kishan H HiranivPeter Butler
Tony Corrigan3v4Adam Brown
Rebecca Kenna4v0Philip O Connor
Lewis Gillen4v0Jordan Rimmer
Bradley Cowdroy1v4Alfie Lee
Lee Stephens4v3Alex Taubman