We are in the final straights of play within 24 hours the final 6 prestigious places left on the World Snooker Tour at the 2021 Q School tournament are going to be won .

We have seen some exceptional skill and determination from Players who are desperate to reach the semi finals tomorrow Sunday June 13th and todays match results means that a number of players are that bit closer to making that dream happen.

Here is a breakdown on todays matches

Kishan H Hirani3v4Ryan Davies
Ross Bulman4v2Lewis Gillen
Sam Baird1v4John J Astley
Haydon Pinhey4v2Kuldesh Johal
Rod Lawler2v4Mitchell Mann
Bai Langning4v0Luo Honghao
Dylan Emery4v3Brian Cini
Florian Nuessle0v4Dean Young
Michael Georgiou4v0Yao Pengcheng
Duane Jones4v3Alex Millington
Ben Fortey1v4Michael White
Hammad Miah4v2Oliver Brown
Mateusz Baranowski4v3Ian Martin
Daan Leyssen3v4Si Jiahui
Robbie McGuigan4v3Neal Jones
Jenson Kendrick1v4Joshua Cooper
Tony Knowles2v4Mark Lloyd
Callum Beresford1v4Luke Pinches
Ian Burns4v3Soheil Vahedi
Simon Blackwell4v2Saqib Nasir
Ben Mertens2v4Lei Peifan
George Pragnell2v4Sanderson Lam
Billy Joe Castle4v2David Lilley
Dylan Mitchell3v4Dave Finbow
Ryan Davies1v4Ross Bulman
John J Astley2v4Haydon Pinhey
Mitchell Mann4v3Bai Langning
Dylan Emery3v4Dean Young
Michael Georgiou1v4Duane Jones
Michael White4v3Hammad Miah
Mateusz Baranowski0v4Si Jiahui
Robbie McGuigan1v4Joshua Cooper

Final day of play resumes at 10am tomorrow.