We have seen some exceptional performances from players who are battling for the prestigious 14 places on the World Snooker Tour at 2021 Q School, which runs until Sunday June 13th at The Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield with each of the three events running for six days.

The four semi-finalists in each event will all earn a two-year tour card for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons. Plus the next two highest players on the Order of Merit will also earn a card. All matches will be best of seven frames.

Here is a breakdown on todays matches

Billy Joe Castle1v4Oliver Brown
Callum Lloyd3v4Aaron Busuttil
Ian Martin2v4Si Jiahui
Michael Georgiou4v0Umut Dikme
David Donovan0v4Soheil Vahedi
Jackson Page4v2Michael Judge
Gary Challis1v4Hamim Hussain
Sanderson Lam1v4Sean Harvey
Harvey Chandler0v4Rod Lawler
Mitchell Mann4v0Eden Sharav
Ryan Davies3v4Daniel Womersley
Duane Jones4v0Alfie Burden
Yuan SiJun4v1Alex Millington
Hayden Staniland4v1Luo Honghao
Daniel Wells2v4Sydney Wilson
John J Astley2v4Ross Muir
Michael White0v4Peter Lines
Lee Shanker4v1Alex Taubman
Leo Fernandez1v4Ian Burns
David Lilley4v2Paul Davies
Raymond Fry1v4Fraser Patrick
Niel Vincent0v4Lei Peifan
James Cahill4v3Hammad Miah
Florian Nuessle0v4Bai Langning
Oliver Brown4v2Aaron Busuttil
Si Jiahui3v4Michael Georgiou
Soheil Vahedi2v4Jackson Page
Hamim Hussain1v4Sean Harvey
Rod Lawler2v4Mitchell Mann
Daniel Womersley2v4Duane Jones
Yuan SiJun4v0Hayden Staniland
Sydney Wilson4v3Ross Muir