The Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield sees players returning for another day at the Q School tournament . Players will be battling for the remaining prestigious 10 places on the World Snooker Tour at the 2021 Q School tournament which runs until Sunday June 13th .                             We will see each of the three events running for six days.

The four semi-finalists in each event will all earn a two-year tour card for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons. Plus the next two highest players on the Order of Merit will also earn a card. All matches will be best of seven frames.

Here is a breakdown on todays matches

Daan Leyssen4v0Dylan Smith
Josh Mulholland4v1Tony Corrigan
Sergey Isaenko0v4Michael Judge
Matthew Lee1v4Andy Milliard
Liam Graham4v3Robert Read
James Burrett4v2Lee Stephens
Patrick Wallace4v2Adam Duffy
Rodion Judin4v3Manasawin Phetmalaikul
Sydney Wilson4v3Jamie Jones
Ivan Kakovskii4v2Hans Blanckaert
Callum Beresford4v0Conor Caniff
Sean O’Sullivan4v1Liam Davies
Carl Mottershaw0v4Martyn Taylor
Lee Shanker4v0Peter Butler
Samuel Lee-Stevens4v0Labeeb Ahmed
Luke Maddison0v4Matthew Glasby
Alex Taubman4v2Danny Brindle
Mark Anthony Taylor0v4Mark Ganderton
Jordan Rimmer4v3Matthew Roberts
Gary Challis3v4Michael Tomlinson
Jack Smithers0v4Dave Finbow
Brian Cini4v0Raymond Fry
Connor Benzey4v1Halim Hussain
Filips Kalnins0v4Liam Pullen
Thomas McSorley4v1Andrew Tapper
Keishin Kamihashi4v3Neal Jones
Faizaan Mohammed2v4Aidan Murphy
Roshan Birdi0v4Gary Thomson
Ryan Davies4v2Joshua Cooper
Barry Pinches4v3Dylan Mitchell
Ben Fortey4v3Joe Fenton
Michael White4v2Richard Wienold
Rod Lawler4v1Umut Dikme
Riley Parsons1v4Chen Feilong
Peter Linesvw/oAdam Goff
Daniel Womersley4v1Yao Pengcheng