Today is the last day of the Semi- finals which sees players competing in the best of 33 frames plus still at the top of the centuries leader board is Shaun Murphy with his 144 score . We are still waiting to see if any player will achieve a 147 over the next couple of days at the Finals .

The pressure continues with players digging deep to keep their play on top form and we have truly witnessed this over the last 2 days .

Here is a breakdown on the match results from today .

This morning match saw Kyren Wilson who was leading 10-6 over Shaun Murphy at the start of the match but as it progressed we saw Murphy claim back 6 frames to match Wilson which was level all at 12 frames each by the end of the session . We then saw both players back at the table at 7pm where Murphy dominated the game with not letting Wilson get a frame all evening . So in just over 2 hours we see Murphy secure his place at the finals with his 17-12 frame win over Wilson . It was truly an outstanding performance by Murphy to come from 4 frame deficit yesterday to winning 11 frames today.

With this afternoons match which commenced at 2.30pm Stuart Bingham was already 13-11 frames ahead of Selby at the start of play . As the game progressed we saw Selby claw back some of the critical frames needed and just before a well earned break Selby was leading 16-15 over Bingham. When they returned to the table after a 3 hours break this evening at 9.15 pm it was definitely a tense frame with Selby securing the final frame needed for the 17-15 over Bingham to ensure his place at the Finals tomorrow

So tomorrow for the start of the finals we see Shaun Murphy meet Mark Selby. . Play commences at 1pm and this is truly going to be an exhilarating match and on Monday we will see a new World Champion Crowned .