Judgement day is upon us

Former ranking event winner Barry Pinches (pictured below) is now only 2 matches away from regaining his tour card as he swept aside Chinese prospect Peifan Lei by a 4-1 scoreline. Pinches controlled the safety battles in the match as both player’s struggled with the table conditions, Lei will be rueing the missed chances that he spurned in this match as he missed a number of fairly straightforward chances to get the upper hand in the match but it was the man from Norwich who claimed victory. After the match Pinches spoke to howeveryoulikebreak.com reporter Curtis Braithwaite and said ” I was very fortunate not to get punished today as i missed far too many but I’m delighted to still be in the tournament and have to step up my game tomorrow against Shane Castle because if i don’t i’ll be heading home”.

Barry Pinches

Allan Taylor (pictured below) kept his tour card hopes alive as he came through a 4-3 winner over the very likeable Hamza Akbar. Taylor is undoubtedly talented but seems to be let down with his safety but if he can tighten that side of his game up he’ll have every chance of qualifying.

Allan Taylor

Irish youngster Fergal Quinn ( pictured below) is now only 2 matches away from realising his dream of playing on the professional tour. Fergal came through a 4-2 winner over Andy Marriot and spoke to howeveryoulikebreak.com reporter Curtis Braithwaite after the match and said ” I’m trying so hard not to get excited but i’m so close now, If i’m honest i didn’t expect to get this far as i’ve still got alot to learn about the game but i will be digging in and trying my hardest to make my dream come true”.

Fergal Quinn

Billy Joe Castle (pictured below) continues to impress in his quest for an immediate return to the tour. Castle came through a 4-1 winner against Alex Taubman and is looking good both on the order of merit and to qualify outright. Castle spoke to howeveryoulikebreak.com reporter Curtis Braithwaite after the match and said ” It was a big match for me tonight as i knew that a victory would put me into the top 4 of the order of merit which is my lifeline if i don’t qualify automatically, It’s also great to see my cousin Shane doing so well too and it would be amazing if we both got back on the tour”.

Billy Castle