HI everyone

We are extremely excited to announce that Elite studio 147 and howeveryoulikebreak.com will be working together to breathe fire back into the amateur and pro game in an exciting partnership.

Elite studio 147 is class all the way as owner Bobby Lee has put together a stylish studio with Star tables, a beautiful lounge area, an arena for exhibitions and functions that will leave all visitors feeling relaxed in a classy environment.

Snookerfans.co.uk is a new website which features a close rapport with all players amateur and professional, with backstage and personal content at all tournaments worldwide.. our website also features tutorials with all the worlds top players and subscribers can win top class prizes such as tickets to triple crown events, memorabilia and much more.

Elite studio 147 will be the China base for howeveryoulikebreak.com and with both companies joining together we will have your full snooker experience covered in a classy way.