Final Day of BetVictor Champions League 2020 Stage 1

After seeing some phenomenal play here at Milton Keynes we have reached the final day of stage 1 of the Championship League.

It all started on day one with Ryan Day the Welshman hitting a 147 break on the opening day of the season .

BetVictor Championship League Snooker will return on Monday, September 28 for the second half of Stage One with the first match between Alexander Ursenbacher v Riley Parsons at 11am.

So here are the final scores from Stage 1

Judd Trump  3vFan Zhengyi 1
Alan McManus 1vDavid Lilley 3
Alan McManus 2vFan Zhengyi 2
Judd Trump 3vDavid Lilley 0
David Lilley 0vFan Zhengyi 3
Judd Trump 2vAlan McManus 2
Ryan Day 3vRod Lawler 1
Matthew Stevens 2vPaul S Davison 2
Matthew Stevens 2vRod Lawler 2
Ryan Day  3vPaul S Davison 0
Matthew Stevens 3vRyan Day 1
Rod Lawler 3vPaul S Davison 0
Robert Milkins 3vChen Zifan 0
Gary Wilson 3vJamie Jones 0
Gary Wilson 2vChen Zifan 2
Robert Milkins 0vJamie Jones 3
Gary Wilson 0vRobert Milkins 3
Chen Zifan 1vJamie Jones 3
Barry Hawkins 3vBen Hancorn 0
Sam Craigie 2vJackson Page 2
Sam Craigie 2vBen Hancorn 2
Barry Hawkins 3vJackson Pagen 1
Jackson Page 2vBen Hancorn 2
Barry Hawkins 0vSam Craigie 3
Stephen Maguire 1 vLeo Fernandez 3
Louis Heathcote 0vDominic Dale 3
Louis Heathcote 1vLeo Fernandez 3
Stephen Maguire 2vDominic Dale 2
Dominic Dale 3vLeo Fernandez 1
Stephen Maguire 2vLouis Heathcote 2
Ricky Walden 3vGerard Greene 1
Zhou Yuelong 2vZhao Jianbo 2
Zhou Yuelong 3vGerard Greene 0
Ricky Walden 1vZhao Jianbo 3
Zhou Yuelong 2vRicky Walden 2
Gerard Greene 2vZhao Jianbo 2
Ben Woollaston 0vSi Jiahui 3
Matthew Selt 3vGao Yang 1
Matthew Selt 3vSi Jiahui 1
Ben Woollaston 2vGao Yang 2
Matthew Selt 2vBen Woollaston 2
Si Jiahui 2vGao Yang 2
Shaun Murphy 3vPeter Devlin 0
Martin O’Donnell 3vJimmy White 1
Martin O’Donnell 3vPeter Devlin 0
Shaun Murphy 3vJimmy White 0
Jimmy White 2vPeter Devlin 2
Shaun Murphy 3vMartin O’Donnell 1
Liam Highfield 2vNigel Bond 2
Zhao Xintong 3vOliver Brown 0
Zhao Xintong 3vNigel Bond 1
Liam Highfield 2vOliver Brown 2
Zhao Xintong 0vLiam Highfield 3
Nigel Bond 2vOliver Brown 2
Stuart Bingham 3vPang Junxu 0
Yuan Sijun 1vJames Cahill 3
Yuan Sijun 3vPang Junxu 1
Stuart Bingham 3VJames Cahill 0
James Cahill  3 v Pang Junxu 1
Stuart Bingham 3vYuan Sijun 0
Ian Burns  3 Fraser Patrick 0
Jack Lisowski 0 vRory McLeod 3
Jack Lisowski 3 Fraser Patrick 1
Ian Burns  2vRory McLeod 2
Jack Lisowski 2 vIan Burns 2
Fraser Patrick 0  vRory McLeod 3
Graeme Dott 2 vZak Surety 2
Liang Wembo 3 Sohell Vahedi 1
Liang Wembo 3 VZak Surety 0
Graeme Dott 3 vSohell Vahedi 1
Sohell Vahedi 1vZak Surety 3
Graeme Dott 3 vLiang Wembo 1
Daniel Womersley  0VJamie O’Neil 3
Michael Holt  0Sean Maddocks 3
Michael Holt  3vJamie O’Neil 0
Daniel Womersley  2Sean Maddocks 2
Michael Holt 1Daniel Womersley 3
Jamie O’Neil 3vSean Maddocks 1
Mark Selby 3 vFegal O’Brien 1
Lyu Haotian 2vBrandon Sargeant 2
Lyu Haotian 3Fergal O’Brien 0
Mark Selby 3 VBrandon Sargeant 1
Brandon Sargeant  2vFergal O’Brien 2
Mark Selby  2VLyn Haotian 2
Hossein Vafael 3vJak Jones 1
Xiao Guodong  3Farakh Ajaib 1
Xiao Guodong  2vJak Jones 2
Hossein Vafael 3vFarakh Ajaib 1
Xiao Guodong 3vHossein Vafael 0
Jak Jones 0vFarakh Ajaib 3
David Gilbert 3vAaron Hill 1
Lu Ning 2vXu Si 2
Lu Ning 3vAaron Hill 1
David Gilbert 2v Xu Si 2
Xu Si 1vAaron Hill 3
David Gilbert 2vLu Ning 2