Dunster Ends Shepherd’s Domination!

The Toam Pool Shootout took place in the Plough Inn Hotel Falkirk at the weekend (15th June). It’s a fun event with a 30 second shot clock dropping to 15 seconds after 15 minutes of play and 30 minute matches best of 9’s. Jordan Shepherd started as red hot favourite after winning all 3 previous events. The quick showboating nature of the events suits the Welsh wizards crowd pleasing style perfectly. Pool legend Ross Mcinnes rolled back the years with some dazzling pool but couldn’t take his chances in the semi final v Shepherd. Liam Dunster had almost let slip a 4-0 lead v Mark Boyle in the quarter final and only Boyle snookering himself on the black stoped the match going to a decider. Simon Fitzsimons raced into a 2-0 lead against Dunster in the semi but when he made an error in the third frame Liam pounced and won the match comfortably 5-2.

The final came down to the dominant Shepherd and the born winner that is Liam Dunster, another thrilling match in which Dunster almost let another lead slip but a costly foul break in frame 8 by Shepherd was the chance Dunster needed to inflict Jordan’s first taste of defeat in the series. 

Kevin Moyles has taken pool to a TV audience and if the drama of the weekends pool continues to be replicated the viewing figures will rocket. What a pleasure it was to see one of the greatest referees to ever grace cue sports Micheala Tabb do what she does best.

Details of future events can be found on fb through Kevin Moyles or Orange Media group.

By Emma Maflin