It wasn’t just the temperature that felt like things were heating up today , players were determined to bring everything they had to the table today.

The Betvictor Championship League stage one saw another 12 players competing in the best of 4 frames at Morningside Arena, Leicester

It all commenced at 12 noon today and here is a breakdown of the Players results in todays event.

Ali Carter3v1Michael Georgiou
Alexander Ursenbacher3v0Aaron Hill
Dominic Dale2v2Sydney Wilson
Scott Donaldson1v3Leo Fernandez
Dominic Dale2v2Michael Georgiou
Scott Donaldson1v3Aaron Hill
Ali Carter3v0Sydney Wilson
Alexander Ursenbacher3v0Leo Fernandez
Sydney Wilson1v3Michael Georgiou
Scott Donaldson0v3Alexander Ursenbacher
Ali Carter2v2Dominic Dale
Aaron Hill0v3Leo Fernandez

It all commences again tomorrow at 12 noon with the next 12 players being

Ronnie O’SullivanvIan Burns
Andrew HigginsonvFergal O’Brien
Mark JoycevSaqib Nasir
Michael HoltvMark Lloyd
Mark JoycevIan Burns
Michael HoltvFergal O’Brien