Today we saw players return to the tables after the weekend break with the next set of 12 players compete at Morningside Arena, Leicester which is hosting The Betvictor Championship League in stage one of the best of 4 frames.

Here is a breakdown on players performance scores today .

Joe Perry3v0Jimmy White
Sunny Akani2v2Ashley Hugill
Jimmy Robertson3v0Sean Maddocks
Stephen Maguire2v2John J Astley
Jimmy Robertson2v2Jimmy White
Stephen Maguire1v3Ashley Hugill
Joe Perry3v0Sean Maddocks
Sunny Akani2v2John J Astley
Sean Maddocks0v3Jimmy White
Stephen Maguire0v3Sunny Akani
Joe Perry1v3Jimmy Robertson
Ashley Hugill3v0John J Astley

Play resumes again tomorrow 12 noon where we see the next set of 12 players which includes some of the youngest players on the tour to compete in Stage one.

Yan BingtaovRobbie McGuigan
Ashley CartyvLukas Kleckers
Jamie ClarkevLouis Heathcote
Matthew SeltvFraser Patrick
Jamie ClarkevRobbie McGuigan
Matthew SeltvLukas Kleckers
Yan BingtaovLouis Heathcote
Ashley CartyvFraser Patrick
Louis HeathcotevRobbie McGuigan
Matthew SeltvAshley Carty
Yan BingtaovJamie Clarke
Lukas KleckersvFraser Patrick