Today we see the current The Betvictor Championship League Champion Kyren Wilson competing in stage one of the best of 4 frames at Morningside Arena, Leicester . Kyren Wilson played on top form winning all 3 of his matches today .

With nothing left to chance ,players were looking to make sure every frame counted to ensure their place in round 2 with the highest level of skill and performances being delivered today .

Kyren Wilson3v1Dylan Emery
Robbie Williams3v0Iulian Boiko
Sam Craigie3v0Ben Hancorn
Graeme Dott3v1Si Jiahui
Sam Craigie3v0Dylan Emery
Graeme Dott3v1Iulian Boiko
Kyren Wilson3v1Ben Hancorn
Robbie Williams0v3Si Jiahui
Ben Hancorn2v2Dylan Emery
Graeme Dott2v2Robbie Williams
Kyren Wilson3v0Sam Craigie
Iulian Boiko2v2Si Jiahui

It all commences again tomorrow at 12 noon with another set of world class players competing .

Stuart BinghamvMichael White
Hossein VafaeivJackson Page
Elliot SlessorvGao Yang
Ryan DayvBarry Pinches
Elliot SlessorvMichael White
Ryan DayvJackson Page
Stuart BinghamvGao Yang
Hossein VafaeivBarry Pinches
Gao YangvMichael White
Ryan DayvHossein Vafaei
Stuart BinghamvElliot Slessor
Jackson PagevBarry Pinches