Day Ten  – The final of Round 2 were we saw the last 8 players looking to compete today to enable them to have an opportunity to move forward to the Quarter Finals .There is only four places left at the Quarter final so players with be bringing their top game to ensure they secure their place .

In Round 2 Players are competing in the best of 25 frames plus we have a new player at the top of the centuries leader board being Shaun Murphy with his 144 score .

We saw the last set of players competing in Round 2 which now gives us the final 4 players confirmed for the Quarter finals

During this afternoon matches we saw Stuart Bingham compete against Jamie Jones, Play started this afternoon with Bingham ahead by 10-6 over Jones. By the end of this afternoon match Stuart Bingham secured the 2 frames needed to progress onto the Quarter finals being 13-6 over Jamie Jones .

Also this afternoon we saw David Gilbert play Judd Trump . Trump was leading this afternoon  play 11-5 over Gilbert . Within a couple of hours Gilbert managed to secure 3 additional frames buts sadly it wasn’t enough as Trump kept the pressure on and won the frames to win 13-8 over Gilbert which guaranteed his place at the Quarter finals .

In this Evenings matches saw John Murphy playing against Yan Bingtao who was 10-6 ahead at the start of play . Murphy maintained the pressure during this evening match and we saw him win the 3 frames which ensured his place at the quarter finals with the final score being 13-7

The final Round 2 game this evening was Mark Allen versus Mark Selby . Selby was already in the lead with his 9-6  Allen.  Allen made a come back by securing an additional frame but Selby kept the pressure on and maintained the lead with the final score at 13- 7 which enabled Selby to continue his journey to the Quarter finals .

We see the start of the Quarter finals tomorrow

10:00    Anthony McGill v Stuart Bingham

10:00    Neil Robertson  v Kyren Wilson

14:30    Mark Williams   v Mark Selby

14:30    Shaun Murphy  v Judd Trump

19:00    Anthony McGill v Stuart Bingham

19:00    Neil Robertson  v Kyren Wilson