What an exciting Quarter finals and Semi-finals where players have been competing in the best of seven frames.

Without a doubt this has truly been a much anticipated Quarter /Semi finals with the only original British Open winner Mark Williams still in the 2021 event . Mark Williams last won the British Open in 1997 when he beat Stephen Hendry 9-2 .

Morningside Arena in Leicester has been welcoming spectators all week without a doubt they are enjoying being back at live tournaments and will be excited for the Finals tomorrow night which commences at 7.30pm between Gary Wilson and Mark Williams who will be competing in the best of 11 frames.

With a winners cheque of £100,000 there is no doubt both Wilson & Williams will be bringing their A Game tomorrow.

Here is an overview of some of the key matches today

The Quarter finals

Zhou Yuelong3v4Elliot Slessor
David Gilbert3v4Gary Wilson
Lu Ning2v4Jimmy Robertson
Mark Williams4v3Ricky Walden

The Semi-Finals

Gary Wilson4v3Elliot Slessor
Jimmy Robertson1v4Mark Williams

The finals commence at 7,30 pm between Mark Williams and Gary Wilson

Mark Williams
Gary Wilson