Today we saw players return to the tables after the weekend break with the start of Stage 2 of The Betvictor Championship League with the best of 4 frames at Morningside Arena, Leicester.

The pressure for players remain as they are anxious to continue in the tournament with Stage 3 and the final taking place on the 13th August with the two group winners contesting a best-of-5 final for the title.

Here is a breakdown on players performance scores today .

Mark Joyce1v3Craig Steadman
Barry Hawkins2v2Matthew Selt
David Gilbert3v0Chang Bingyu
Yan Bingtao2v2Cao Yupeng
David Gilbert3v0Craig Steadman
Yan Bingtao2v2Matthew Selt
Mark Joyce2v2Chang Bingyu
Barry Hawkins1v3Cao Yupeng
Chang Bingyu3v1Craig Steadman
Yan Bingtao3v1Barry Hawkins
Mark Joyce0v3David Gilbert
Matthew Selt0v3Cao Yupeng

Play resumes again tomorrow 12 noon where we see the next set of 12 players compete in Stage 2.

Shaun MurphyvGerard Greene
Ryan DayvAlexander Ursenbacher
Graeme DottvAli Carter
Stuart BinghamvAshley Hugill
Graeme DottvGerard Greene
Stuart BinghamvAlexander Ursenbacher
Shaun MurphyvAli Carter
Ryan DayvAshley Hugill
Ali CartervGerard Greene
Stuart BinghamvRyan Day
Shaun MurphyvGraeme Dott
Alexander UrsenbachervAshley Hugill