What a day of outstanding play from players including the reigning champion KYREN WILSON who are all anxious to secure those final few places to enable them to progress from stage 2 to stage 3 and the final of The Betvictor Championship League with the best of 4 frames at Morningside Arena, Leicester.

We are all hoping to see a 147 and currently top of the centuries leader board is David Gilbert with his 143 over Craig Steadman

Here is a breakdown on players performance scores today .

Kyren Wilson3v1Ken Doherty
Mark Davis1v3David Lilley
Matthew Stevens2v2Oliver Lines
Noppon Saengkham2v2Bai Langning
Matthew Stevens0v3Ken Doherty
Noppon Saengkham3v1David Lilley
Kyren Wilson3v1Oliver Lines
Mark Davis0v3Bai Langning
Oliver Lines3v0Ken Doherty
Noppon Saengkham0v3Mark Davis
Kyren Wilson0v3Matthew Stevens
David Lilley2v2Bai Langning

Play resumes again tomorrow 12 noon where we see the next set of players compete in the final of  Stage 2 .

Judd TrumpvJimmy Robertson
Ricky WaldenvPeter Lines
Tom FordvStuart Carrington
Mark AllenvFergal O’Brien
Tom FordvJimmy Robertson
Mark AllenvPeter Lines
Judd TrumpvStuart Carrington
Ricky WaldenvFergal O’Brien
Stuart CarringtonvJimmy Robertson
Mark AllenvRicky Walden
Judd TrumpvTom Ford
Peter LinesvFergal O’Brien