Another outstanding day of play at The Betvictor Championship League stage one with the next set of 12 players competing in the best of 4 frames at Morningside Arena, Leicester

With only a limited number of players going through to round 2 we have seen some amazing skill and performances today.

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh3v1Zhang Jiankang
Zhao Jianbo2v2Gerard Greene
Martin O’Donnell0v3Craig Steadman
Robert Milkins1v3Haydon Pinhey
Martin O’Donnell1v3Zhang Jiankang
Robert Milkins0v3Gerard Greene
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh2v2Craig Steadman
Zhao Jianbo3v0Haydon Pinhey
Craig Steadman2v2Zhang Jiankang
Robert Milkins2v2Zhao Jianbo
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh2v2Martin O’Donnell
Gerard Greene3v1Haydon Pinhey

It all commences again tomorrow at 12 noon with another set of world class players competing .

Kyren WilsonvDylan Emery
Robbie WilliamsvIulian Boiko
Sam CraigievBen Hancorn
Graeme DottvSi Jiahui
Sam CraigievDylan Emery
Graeme DottvIulian Boiko
Kyren WilsonvBen Hancorn
Robbie WilliamsvSi Jiahui
Ben HancornvDylan Emery
Graeme DottvRobbie Williams
Kyren WilsonvSam Craigie
Iulian BoikovSi Jiahui