We are now at Round 2 of 2021 Tournament of The World Championship Qualifiers .

We see the next set of 24 players competing during the second round of Qualifiers with every player bringing everything they can to ensure their place in the next round which is taking place at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.  

Once the qualifiers are finished we then see the main tournament move to the Crucible which commences on April 17th with the Finals on May 3rd.                                                                                                                                                                                       A total 16 of these players will reach the first round where they will be joined by the 16 top players in the snooker rankings.

Here is a full breakdown on todays matches and the top of the centuries leaders board is Fergal O’Brien with his 140 score .

Joe O’Connor6v2Fraser Patrick
Jak Jones6v4Jamie Wilson
Lyu Haotian6v5Gao Yang
Chang Bingyu6v2Julien Leclercq
Eden Sharav6v1Andy Hicks
Tian Pengfei6v3Billy Joe Castle
Jamie Jones6v4David Lilley
Andrew Higginson6v3Brandon Sargeant
Jimmy Robertson6v5Zhao Jianbo
Yuan SiJun5v6Rod Lawler
Stuart Carrington6v2Fergal O’Brien
Jamie O’Neill5v6Jamie Clarke

It all commences again tomorrow at 9.30am.