The Betvictor Championship League stage one saw another 12 players competing in the best of 4 frames at Morningside Arena, Leicester

Today we saw another day of World class play from Players looking to make sure they get through to round 2 . We have seen Reanne Evans compete today , Evans has managed to secure one of only 2 Females tour cards for this season and demonstrated why she is a strong contender with her outstanding performances matching 2 all against Simon Lichtenberg & Tom Ford, Sadly her 3rd match against Simon Blackwell resulted in Blackwell winning 3-1 over Evans.

It all commenced at 12 noon today and here is a breakdown of the Players results in todays event.

Tom Ford2v2Simon Blackwell
David Grace3v0Farakh Ajaib
Simon Lichtenberg2v2Reanne Evans
Ben Fortey0v3Bai Langning
Simon Lichtenberg3v0Simon Blackwell
Ben Fortey2v2Farakh Ajaib
Tom Ford2v2Reanne Evans
David Grace0v3Bai Langning
Reanne Evans1v3Simon Blackwell
Ben Fortey1v3David Grace
Tom Ford3v1Simon Lichtenberg
Farakh Ajaib2v2Bai Langning

It all commences again tomorrow at 12 noon with the next 12 players being

Anthony McGillvBilly Joe Castle
Pang JunxuvChang Bingyu
Mark DavisvYuan SiJun
Luca BrecelvDean Young
Mark DavisvBilly Joe Castle
Luca BrecelvChang Bingyu
Anthony McGillvYuan SiJun
Pang JunxuvDean Young
Yuan SiJunvBilly Joe Castle
Luca BrecelvPang Junxu
Anthony McGillvMark Davis
Chang BingyuvDean Young