Day 6 World Pro Series 2021 (Phase one groups 1-8)

Another day at Milton Keynes where we see the next round of players competing . Currently the players are still being split into16 groups of eight for the initial round-robin phase.                   

All matches are best-of-three frames, and the top two in each group will progress to the second group stage.

After 46 Centuries Gary Wilson is still at the top of the Leaders board with his 147.

It all commences again tomorrow at 10am with Thepchaiya Un- Nooh versus  Leo Fernandez , Zhou Yuelong versus Ashley Hugill, Anthony Hamilton versus Lei Peifan & Luo Honghao versus Mitchell Mann .

Here is full rundown on today’s results

Shaun Murphy2v0Brian Ochoiski
Michael Holt2v0Fraser Patrick
Alan McManus2v0Ken Doherty
Louis Heathcote2v1Xu Si
Shaun Murphy2v1Fraser Patrick
Michael Holt1v2Ken Doherty
Alan McManus2v0Xu Si
Louis Heathcote2v1Brian Ochoiski
Shaun Murphy2v1Ken Doherty
Michael Holt0v2Xu Si
Alan McManus0v2Louis Heathcote
Fraser Patrick0v2Brian Ochoiski
Shaun Murphy2v1Xu Si
Michael Holt2v1Louis Heathcote
Alan McManus2v0Brian Ochoiski
Ken Doherty2v0Fraser Patrick
Shaun Murphy2v1Louis Heathcote
Michael Holt1v2Alan McManus
Xu Si2v1Fraser Patrick
Ken Doherty1v2Brian Ochoiski
Shaun Murphy2v1Alan McManus
Michael Holt2v1Brian Ochoiski
Louis Heathcote2v1Fraser Patrick
Xu Si2v0Ken Doherty
Shaun Murphy2v0Michael Holt
Alan McManus2v1Fraser Patrick
Louis Heathcote2v0Ken Doherty
Xu Si2v0Brian Ochoiski