Day 3 World Pro Series 2021 (Phase one groups 1-8)

Again we see the next round of players competing at Milton Keynes with players being split into 16 groups of eight for the initial round-robin phase.                   

All matches are best-of-three frames, and the top two in each group will progress to the second group stage.

Today we have seen the first 147 of the tournament by Gary Wilson against Liam Highfield.

We see further player matches commencing tomorrow at 10am with Stuart Bingham versus Billy Jos Castle, Sam Cragie versus Ashley Carty , Chris Wakelin versus Jamie Clarke.

Here is full rundown on today’s results

Gary Wilson0v2John J Astley
Lu Ning2v1Rory McLeod
Martin O’Donnell2v1Zhao Jianbo
Liam Highfield0v2Jamie O’Neill
Gary Wilson1v2Rory McLeod
Lu Ning0v2Zhao Jianbo
Martin O’Donnell2v0Jamie O’Neill
Liam Highfield2v0John J Astley
Gary Wilson2v1Zhao Jianbo
Lu Ning2v1Jamie O’Neill
Martin O’Donnell2v0Liam Highfield
Rory McLeod1v2John J Astley
Gary Wilson2v1Jamie O’Neill
Lu Ning2v0Liam Highfield
Martin O’Donnell2v0John J Astley
Zhao Jianbo2v1Rory McLeod
Gary Wilson1v2Liam Highfield
Lu Ning2v0Martin O’Donnell
Jamie O’Neill2v1Rory McLeod
Zhao Jianbo0v2John J Astley
Gary Wilson2v1Martin O’Donnell
Lu Ning2v0John J Astley
Liam Highfield2v0Rory McLeod
Jamie O’Neill2v0Zhao Jianbo
Gary Wilson2v1Lu Ning
Martin O’Donnell2v0Rory McLeod
Liam Highfield2v1Zhao Jianbo
Jamie O’Neill2v0John J Astley