Day 1 Betvictor Shoot Out 2021

We have seen the first 64 players competing in the first round .

As this event has a unique set of rules compared to normal tournaments being matches lasting a maximum of 10 minutes and a shot clock of 15 seconds for the first 5 minutes and then reduces to 10 seconds for the last 5. This makes for a lot of pressure on players.

We also saw the reigning Champion Michael Holt win his match against Jamie Jones .

There was also an outstanding achievement  with the first century break of 142 by Mark Allen when he competed against Jimmy Robertson in today’s play.

It all commences again tomorrow at 1pm.

Here is a full breakdown on today’s results .

Jamie Jones0v1Michael Holt
Steven Hallworth0v1Declan Lavery
David Grace1v0Hayden Staniland
Ken Doherty1v0Jamie Curtis-Barrett
Oliver Lines0v1Robbie Williams
Allan Taylor1v0Jackson Page
Rebecca Kenna0v1Simon Lichtenberg
Zhou Yuelong1v0Ian Burns
Matthew Stevens1v0Fergal Quinn
Sam Craigie1v0Phil O’Kane
Lee Walker0v1Ashley Carty
Brian Ochoiski0v1Eden Sharav
Dean Young0v1Riley Parsons
Aaron Hill0v1Andy Hicks
Liang Wenbo1v0Ben Fortey
Mark Allen1v0Jimmy Robertson
Paul Davies0v1Mark Williams
Martin O’Donnell1v0Ben Woollaston
Anthony Hamilton0v1Robert Milkins
Andrew Higginson0v1Mark Joyce
Luca Brecel0v1Shaun Murphy
Joe O’Connor0v1Leo Fernandez
Fraser Patrick0v1Gerard Greene
Michael White1v0Mark King
Billy Joe Castle0v1Mark Selby
Farakh Ajaib0v1Hossein Vafaei
Duane Jones1v0Sean Maddocks
David Gilbert1v0Lei Peifan
Stuart Carrington0v1Connor Benzey
David Lilley0v1Lyu Haotian
Ian Martinv 0Robbie McGuigan
Rory McLeod 1v 0Stuart Bingham