Boyes the Man

Karl Boyes in recent years has been known for playing 9 ball, representing team Europe in Mosconi cups but his cue sport apprenticeship started at English 8 ball and that’s why it was not a surprise to many in the pool world to see him cruise to victory at the weekend to win the second Supreme Pool Event of this season.  

Boyes had to battle the long way to success after losing in his first match 11-6 to Craig Lakin. Wins over Ben Flack Karl O’donoghue and Steve Petty got him to the straight knockout round of 16 this is where his class showed . Former World Champion Craig Marsh was his first victim winning 11-7. The quarter final was an even bigger gulf beating Shane Thompson 11-6. Craig Waggingham could only get to 5 against Boyes in the semi. The final proved to be his toughest test and the match went to 10-10 v Jimmy Croxton  before Boyes stepped up to win his first English 8 ball tournament of any note for many years. From all the team at congratulations to Karl Boyes and a big thanks to Scott Gillespie and Jamie Burnett for wearing our logo at the weekend.

By Emma Maflin