The 2021  Betvictor Scottish Open is taking place this year in Venue Cymru in Llandudno from 6 to 12 December 2021 and we see the current Champion Mark Selby looking toretain the title along with the £70,000 winners cheque .

Monday December 6

Second Round (unless stated)

4 James Cahill 0-4 Ben Woollaston (R1)
6 Barry Hawkins 0-4 Pang Junxu (R1)
14 Amaan Iqbal 1-4 Noppon Saengkham (R1)
16 Yan Bingtao 4-0 Zak Surety (R1)

1 Mark Selby 4-1 Sean Maddocks (R1)
3 Stephen Maguire 4-3 Yuan SiJun (R1)
10 Jack Lisowski 1-4 Stuart Carrington (R1)
15 Ding Junhui 3-4 Zhang Anda (R1)

2 Anthony McGill 4-2 Jamie Wilson (R1)
9 Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-2 Dominic Dale (R1)
11 Mark Allen 3-4 Martin O’Donnell (R1)
17 Michael Holt 4-3 Liam Graham (R1)

5 Kyren Wilson 4-0 Andy Hicks (R1)
7 Stuart Bingham 1-4 Andrew Higginson (R1)
12 Shaun Murphy 4-3 Ng On Yee (R1)
18 Judd Trump 4-0 Robert Milkins (R1)

8 Bai Langning 2-4 Ben Hancorn (R1)
13 John Higgins 4-1 Alfie Burden (R1)
36 Liang Wenbo 4-0 Allan Taylor
38 Sam Craigie 4-2 Zhao Jianbo

Tuesday December 7

Second Round

20 Xiao Guodong 4-2 Duane Jones
23 Mark Davis 1-4 Tom Ford
24 Sunny Akani 1-4 Stephen Maguire
25 Robbie Williams 2-4 Lei Peifan

19 Mark Selby 4-1 Oliver Lines
21 Anthony McGill 4-1 Chris Wakelin
26 Sanderson Lam 0-4 Ben Woollaston
29 Pang Junxu 4-2 Iulian Boiko

22 Lee Walker 1-4 Jimmy Robertson
30 Joe Perry 2-4 Luca Brecel
32 Matthew Selt 4-0 Andrew Higginson
34 Si Jiahui 1-4 Ben Hancorn

33 Scott Donaldson 4-3 Steven Hallworth
35 Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-0 Michael Georgiou
37 Stuart Carrington 0-4 Jamie Jones
44 Ryan Day 4-0 Gao Yang

27 Kyren Wilson 1-4 Fergal O’Brien
28 Gary Wilson 4-1 Anthony Hamilton
31 Jackson Page v Michael Judge
47 Chang Bingyu 2-4 David Gilbert

The Scottish open is being held in Llandudno this year as the snooker calendar has rolled on from the great story of the Uk championship.

First hurdle defeats for Mark Allen, Stuart Bingham and Barry Hawkins once again just show the strength and depth of the tour.

There has been a lot of uproar about the pay structure of the current tour as many feel it’s to top heavy with many players struggling financially and it brings the question that should first round losers be paid as they have earned their right to be professionals.

My personal opinion is that if you have earned the right to be a professional you should be guaranteed at least your expenses covered so that you are not out of pocket but Barry Hearn sees things very different but it’s an argument that will rumble on.

There were round 1&2 victories for Mark Selby,Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan as the last 32 starts on Wednesday 8th December.