50K Challenge

The inaugural £50,000 Blackball tables challenge takes place this weekend at the Milton Hilltop Hotel Carlisle. 

One of the 96 qualifiers will be taking home the first prize of £12,000. 

The event has former snooker pros Jamie Burnett and Billy Snaddon in the draw, for a tournament with no current professionals allowed it has a star studded field with many former pool world champions Ross Mcinnes, Andy Lucas, Pat Holtz, Paddy Mcmullan, Jason Twist. 

Derek Murphy a former Scottish pro who now lives in Bristol is also competing having not played competitive pool for many years he still poseses the class to turn up and win this event. 

Former snooker pro Chris Totten has taken up pool in the last year and also is a dark horse for the title.

Anyone wishing to attend can pop along it’s free of charge and will witness a brilliant standard of pool or you can follow the action LIVE on YouTube Tsunami Streaming.

By Emma Maflin